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The Unbreakable Heart of Oliva Denaro: A Novel

Viola Ardone

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The Unbreakable Heart of Oliva Denaro: A Novel

From the internationally bestselling author of The Childrens Train comes an unforgettable coming-of-age novel, set in 1960s Sicily and based on a true story, of how a young Sicilian girl defied centuries old tradition to win the right to control her own life.

As provincial Sicily bursts into life with the jaunty hum of pop music and the heady scent of wild jasmine, fifteen-year-old Oliva Denaro dares to challenge convention, ignoring the taunts of peers, her mothers scolds, and her own changing body. Spirited and carefree, she loves to run until her lungs burst: to feel the strength of her lithe limbs, to relish the freedom she cherishes, to honor the friends forced by propriety to conform. Though she knows she cannot stop growing up, Oliva resists the future. To her, becoming a woman means denying oneself.

But adulthood comes all too quickly when the bakers son sets his sights on her. Offered a blood orange, Olivahaunted by her mothers warning, a girl who smiles has already said yesspurns the fruit. Yet, this act sets into motion an unwanted courtship that will force Oliva to fight for the right to choose her own path, even though the odds of winning are steep. While America and Europe are in the throes of social change, Sicily fiercely clings to its rigid traditions, including the custom of fuitina by which kidnappings could be disguised as elopements which is accepted and enshrined in law. Olivas battle for independence is based on the real-life story that would ultimately rock Italycapturing the attention of both the Pope and the nations presidentand transform life for all Italians.

The Unbreakable Heart of Oliva Denaro is a lyrical tale of staggering beauty. Viola Ardone beautifully evokes a land and its people, customs, and passions, and breathes life into an unforgettable girl in all her intensity, desperation, perseverance, and bravery. Alternating between the lighthearted and the tragic, it is a classic coming-of-age novelpowerful, spellbinding, and liberating.
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352 pages

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To be released May 9, 2023
ISBN13 9780063276888
Publishers HarperCollins
Pages 352
Dimensions 454 g
Language English  
Translator Botsford, Clarissa

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