Robert Mitchum: "Baby I Don't Care" - Lee Server - Books - St. Martin's Griffin - 9780312285432 - September 5, 2000
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Robert Mitchum: "Baby I Don't Care" Reprint edition

Lee Server

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Robert Mitchum: "Baby I Don't Care" Reprint edition

One of the movies' greatest actors and most colorful characters, a real-life tough guy with the prison record to prove it, Robert Mitchum was a movie icon for an almost unprecedented half-century, the cool, sleepy-eyed star of such classics as The Night of the Hunter; Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison; Cape Fear; The Longest Day; Farewell, My Lovely; and The Winds of War. Mitchum's powerful presence and simmering violence combined with hard-boiled humor and existential detachment to create a new style in movie acting: the screen's first hipster antihero-before Brando, James Dean, Elvis, or Eastwood-the inventor of big-screen cool.

Robert Mitchum: "Baby, I Don't Care" is the first complete biography of Mitchum, and a book as big, colorful, and controversial as the star himself. Exhaustively researched, it makes use of thousands of rare documents from around the world and nearly two hundred in-depth interviews with Mitchum's family, friends, and associates (many going on record for the first time ever) ranging over his seventy-nine years of hard living. Written with great style, and vividly detailed, this is an intimate, comprehensive portrait of an amazing life, comic, tragic, daring, and outrageous.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released September 5, 2000
ISBN13 9780312285432
Publishers St. Martin's Griffin
Pages 608
Dimensions 139 × 37 × 206 mm   ·   816 g
Language English  

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