Index Investing For Dummies - R Wild - Bøger - John Wiley & Sons Inc - 9780470294062 - December 19, 2008

Index Investing For Dummies

R Wild

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Index Investing For Dummies

Index funds are based on a simple concept: when the index goes up, index funds benchmarked to that index should go up nearly an identical amount and vice versa. Index Investing For Dummies shows readers how they can make use of index funds to take advantage of these large markets and maximize the return on their investments.

360 pages, Illustrations, map

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released USA, December 19, 2008
ISBN13 9780470294062
Publishers John Wiley & Sons Inc
Pages 368
Dimensions 190 × 233 × 20 mm   ·   694 g
Language English  

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