Wheels on the Bus - Raffi Songs to Read - Raffi - Bøger - Random House USA Inc - 9780517709986 - January 20, 1998

Wheels on the Bus - Raffi Songs to Read


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Wheels on the Bus - Raffi Songs to Read

Singing and reading to your child are considered two of the most vital ways parents can stimulate the development of a child's brain during the earlist years. Raffi's Songs to Read unites the rhythm, rhyme, and repetition that helps to lay the foundation for later speech, listening, and reading skills. here with fresh new cover designs are some of Raffi's best-known songs. With enchanting illustrations they create books that are natural bridges between music and reading.  

32 pages, colour illustrations

Media Books     Board book   (Book with pages in thick cardboard)
Released USA, January 20, 1998
ISBN13 9780517709986
Publishers Random House USA Inc
Pages 32
Dimensions 171 × 133 × 19 mm   ·   226 g
Language English  
Illustrator Wickstrom, Sylvie

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