Sound Symbolism - Leanne Hinton - Bøger - Cambridge University Press - 9780521026772 - November 2, 2006
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Sound Symbolism

Leanne Hinton

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Sound Symbolism

Sound symbolism is the study of the relationship between the sound of an utterance and its meaning. In this interdisciplinary collection of studies, twenty-four leading scholars discuss the role of sound symbolism in a theory of language, drawing on a wide range of linguistic data.

384 pages, 4 b/w illus. 32 tables

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Released Storbritannien, November 2, 2006
ISBN13 9780521026772
Publishers Cambridge University Press
Pages 384
Dimensions 229 × 153 × 24 mm   ·   596 g
Language English  
Editor Hinton, Leanne (University of California, Berkeley)
Editor Nichols, Johanna (University of California, Berkeley)
Editor Ohala, John J. (University of California, Berkeley)

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