How to Recognize Your Future Ex-husband - Debra Weiner - Bøger - Fossanova - 9780578058689 - June 30, 2011

How to Recognize Your Future Ex-husband

Debra Weiner

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How to Recognize Your Future Ex-husband

 "Single women everywhere, listen up! Do not leave for a date without slipping your lipstick and Debra Weiner's How to Recognize Your Future Ex-Husband into your bag. It's a veritable dating bible, and I wish I'd had her settle-or-else advice in my pocket 60 dates ago. Weiner deftly dissects dysfunctional men and their relationship patterns with clear and certain language, and tells you exactly when it's appropriate to run for the hills. She demonstrates how to recognize when you just shouldn't be that into him and why. Her style is frank, honest and free of cliches-- exactly how a book about dating and finding the perfect mate should be." --Rachel Machacek, author of The Science of Single: One Woman's Grand Experiment in Modern Dating, Creating Chemistry, and Finding Love

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Released June 30, 2011
ISBN13 9780578058689
Publishers Fossanova
Pages 144
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Language English