Relationships & Careers for This Millennium - Amelia De Pazos - Bøger - iUniverse, Inc. - 9780595312535 - August 2, 2004

Relationships & Careers for This Millennium

Amelia De Pazos

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Relationships & Careers for This Millennium

Relationships & Careers for this Millennium is the second book for Rev. Amelia de Pazos, B/Msc, showing us that people's intuitive higher awareness has the power to open new horizons, in order to change and heal disastrous relationships. She covered metaphysics, new age, theosophy, conscious advanced channeling, and past-life regression in her first book: Past Lives, Universal Energies and Me. Sensing or channeling your energy and the one of others in this new book, will allow you to receive the answers of how much balance, negative and positive energy are there. She teaches us that negative relationships come from dysfunctional patterns in the intangible world, the subconscious and past lives of the individual, and since all of your energies work together, your career and life may not be as successful as they could be.

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Released August 2, 2004
ISBN13 9780595312535
Publishers iUniverse, Inc.
Pages 218
Dimensions 158 × 16 × 226 mm   ·   340 g
Language English