Of Strangers & Enemies - J Robert Eagan - Bøger - Frienemies Books - 9780692652152 - March 15, 2016

Of Strangers & Enemies

J Robert Eagan

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Of Strangers & Enemies

"We live in an incredibly divided world... The problem with these divisions that seems so natural, however, is that they cause us to separate ourselves from people who don't think/believe/act the way we do." Many books have been written about Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, from broad academic overviews to critiques of one against the others. In general, these books can feel impractical and overly academic to 'normal' people. This is not that sort of book. Of Strangers & Enemies sheds light on what we can actually do in our daily lives to break down such divisions. The reader will encounter history and Scripture, personal stories and conversations with other 'strangers', all in order to discover what it is that creates these divisions and how to identify them within ourselves. But this is not simply a book which identifies and acknowledges the divisions between Jews, Christians, and Muslims; it is an encouragement to all people to find ways to engage in life changing and life giving relationships across lines of religious and cultural difference.

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Released March 15, 2016
ISBN13 9780692652152
Publishers Frienemies Books
Pages 208
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Language English