More Evil Houses - Erik Shuttleworth - Bøger - Black Bed Sheets Books - 9780692658024 - March 1, 2016

More Evil Houses

Erik Shuttleworth

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More Evil Houses

Let your fascination run wild into the dark places where childish nightmares rule. Open the door to your escape and enter another's house tonight.

For tonight you discover the terrible secrets in the stranger's house down the street. Maybe a horrible evil is hidden in the attic, leaching from the eyes of innocent dolls. Maybe the house sits on cursed earth where witchcraft was born from the torture of innocence.

Or perhaps you're an interloping drifter who happens to stumble upon a home in the woods, abandoned for a good reason. Enter and watch as your loved one is seduced by bloody evil.

But wait. The tornado is rising and preparing to wipe the earth clean of the putrid evil in hell's basement. Hidden tombs rot your soul and reveal the unspeakable as you walk the halls of death in the path of the coming destruction.

You're still here, and the best is last. A house so steeped with hatred, wild beasts patrol its outskirts as the welcome alternative to what lies in wait within its walls. Witness the rivers of blood and the roaring specters preparing to carry your soul to its final end.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 1, 2016
ISBN13 9780692658024
Publishers Black Bed Sheets Books
Pages 250
Dimensions 127 × 203 × 14 mm   ·   272 g
Language English  

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