The Kilt Maker - Anne Douglas - Bøger - Severn House Publishers Ltd - 9780727867889 - June 1, 2009

The Kilt Maker World edition

Anne Douglas

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The Kilt Maker World edition

Scottish fiddler Jake Maclver comes into Kirsty Muir's life and introduces her to a glamorous new world. Kirsty is left broken hearted when Jake disappears off on tour. Her heart is mended by Andrew, owner of a kilt shop and it seems as though Kirsty will find happiness after all. That is until the day when she finds Jake waiting outside her door.

256 pages

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released Storbritannien, June 1, 2009
ISBN13 9780727867889
Publishers Severn House Publishers Ltd
Pages 256
Dimensions 163 × 226 × 25 mm   ·   440 g

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