The Killing Moon: a Novel - Chuck Hogan - Bøger - Scribner - 9780743289658 - 2008
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The Killing Moon: a Novel Reprint edition

Chuck Hogan

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The Killing Moon: a Novel Reprint edition

Donald Maddox has returned to his sleepy Massachusetts hometown after fifteen years away. Although he has no law enforcement background, he finds a job as an auxiliary patrolman -- on a local police force known to inspire more fear than trust. When the brutal murder of a local resident shatters the isolation of this forgotten place, triggering the arrival of state police homicide detectives and a townwide manhunt, both the local cops and Maddox appear to have something to hide. As the tightly wound mystery that is Maddox's past begins to unravel, he becomes ensnared in a deadly conspiracy that ultimately threatens his life, as well as the lives of those around him.

A brilliantly plotted page-turner told with soul-deep characterization, crisp pacing, and unflinching realism, The Killing Moon proves Chuck Hogan as the unrivaled master of gritty suspense.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released 2008
ISBN13 9780743289658
Publishers Scribner
Pages 384
Dimensions 148 × 28 × 225 mm   ·   566 g
Language English  

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