Mary's Message of Hope: Volume 1 - Annie Kirkwood - Books - Blue Dolphin Publishing - 9780931892356 - November 1, 1995
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Mary's Message of Hope: Volume 1

Annie Kirkwood

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Mary's Message of Hope: Volume 1

Publisher Marketing: After the best-selling "Mary's Message to the World" was published (1991), Mother Mary urged Annie to begin a bi-monthly Newsletter to keep in touch with all Her readers. This book, "Mary's Message of Hope, Volume 1," is the compilation of the continuing messages Mary has given since April 1992 through October 1996. "'Mary's Message of Hope' is a marvelous book that is certain to touch the hearts and minds of all those who are open to its loving energy. Regardless of one's color, creed, or country, the words of Mother Mary speak directly to the soul." -- Brad Steiger, author, "Revelation: The Divine Fire" "As I read this book, I receive the calm assurance and the personal support that I've come to expect from the Divine Mother. Mary's inspiring, yet practical, messages touch my heart and my mind and wrap themselves around me in tenderness. Thank you, Annie, for being a much-needed messenger to those who seek spiritual understanding and growth in this lifetime." -- Jean K. Foster, author, "The God-Mind Connection" "Dear children, pray without ceasing. Do this always, sending thoughts of love and hope to all people of the world. Think of those who have lost hope and do not feel love." -- Mary, Mother of Jesus Contributor Bio:  Kirkwood, Annie Kirkwood travels giving talks, workshops and seminars.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released November 1, 1995
Original release date 2001
ISBN13 9780931892356
Publishers Blue Dolphin Publishing
Genre Theometrics > Catholic
Pages 146
Dimensions 141 × 214 × 11 mm   ·   226 g
Language English  

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