Professionalism and Practice (No. 3) - John Astley - Bøger - The Company of Writers - 9780955183423 - February 20, 2023
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Professionalism and Practice (No. 3)

John Astley

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Professionalism and Practice (No. 3)

Professionalism and Practice is the third volume in John Astley's Collected Essays, which seeks to investigate aspects of the sociology of culture. The essays in the present volume focus on culture, values and service across the spectrum of professions (and aspiring professions) in the United Kingdom. The collection includes the flagship essay 'The New Professionals', which, along with the other essays, aims to examine the essentials for good, knowledge-based practice in modern professional services . . ."The University Lecturer as Research-Minded Practitioner', 'Knowledge and Practice', and 'The Quest for the Good Community' complete the sequence. A fascinating theme emerges from the author's cumulative insights: that of 'the professions' as embattled culture groups, whose values are constantly challenged by the State and society as a whole. . . A lively debate is sure to follow any reading of these essays. * John Astley is a sociologist, writer, and lecturer - and a frequent contributor to journals, conferences, and radio talks. As a sociologist of culture, he is the author of three volumes of collected essays: Liberation and Domestication, Culture and Creativity, and Professionalism and Practice - as well as a celebrated monograph on The Beatles. John Astley is currently working on Herbivores and Carnivores, a timely investigation into the struggle for cultural values in contemporary society.

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Released February 20, 2023
ISBN13 9780955183423
Publishers The Company of Writers
Pages 160
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