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Princess Batilda

Nancy I Sanders

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Princess Batilda

A topsy-turvy kingdom turns right-side up when Princess Batilda discovers a priceless treasure. Come and see the delightful things that can happen to a princess who learns to say, "I'm sorry." Smile after smile awaits the reader in this picture book, from watching a princess you can't help love because of all the chaos she causes throughout the castle, to her "coming of age" when she realizes the importance of that very special word, "Sorry." Neither the king nor queen nor princes from nearby kingdoms could teach her that, only the boy in the background who knew her worth. A darling story, well worth reading. -Shirley Shibley, contributor to Clubhouse, Bread for God's Children, and other periodicals. The fun-filled text and delightful illustrations will help readers of Princess Batilda understand, in a captivating way, why it's so very important to say "I'm sorry." The surprise ending is touching. A great gift for a young child. -Marjorie Flathers, frequent contributor to the Kids' Reading Room page in the Los Angeles Times and many other publications Beguiling artwork and a sure-fire plot make Princess Batilda a winner. Young readers will appreciate this simple story that tells a not-so-simple truth. -Marilyn Donahue, recipient of the Chariot Book Award for The Crooked Gate (David C. Cook) Princess Batilda is always causing havoc in the kingdom but she refuses to say, "I'm sorry." This delightful tale of the consequences of never saying you're sorry will charm child and parent alike. The unexpected twist at the end of the story makes it even more delightful. -Gloria McQueen Stockstill, author of four board books including The Basket in the River, To the Town of Bethlehem, The Blind Man by the Road, and Jesus Rose on Easter Morn. Princess Batilda is a charming story on the importance of saying "I'm sorry" and the faithfulness of true friendship. Told with tenderness, this tale is sure to be a favorite for the little princesses and princes we cherish so much. -Veronica Walsh, illustrator for Too Many Visitors for One Little House

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released April 24, 2009
ISBN13 9780976158370
Publishers Olive Leaf Publications
Pages 36
Dimensions 108 g
Language English  
Contributor Megan E Mendoza

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