Talking to Water: a Dolphin Chronicles Book - John Tkac - Bøger - Southeast Books - 9780979445415 - January 14, 2014

Talking to Water: a Dolphin Chronicles Book

John Tkac

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Talking to Water: a Dolphin Chronicles Book

Around southern Ireland?s Bantry Bay, there has been plenty of talk about how the dolphins seem to be attracted to Claire Riley. What the villagers don?t know is that Claire Riley has discovered that she can telepathically communicate with this mystical pod of very special dolphins. It is 1714, and the English Lord Radstone leaves Ireland to become the governor of Jamaica. Claire and her mother, servants at Radstone manor, make a fateful decision and join Lady Radstone and her three sons as they sail for the Caribbean. Pirates intercept them, and they never reach their destination. Claire?s mother and Lady Radstone die, and Claire is thrust into the unlikely roll of guardian and leader. Claire and her young charges band together with a colorful cast of characters and together they capture a ship. With the magical dolphins always nearby, Claire grows the crew into a formidable pirate force. They sail the Caribbean on a gallant mission where they face unimaginable challenges, danger, and evil.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released January 14, 2014
ISBN13 9780979445415
Publishers Southeast Books
Pages 302
Dimensions 150 × 230 × 20 mm   ·   444 g
Language English