Always Say Hello to Life - James M Mcmahon - Bøger - Nepperhan Press, LLC - 9780979457968 - September 29, 2009

Always Say Hello to Life

James M Mcmahon

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Always Say Hello to Life

The most influential relationship we will ever have is with mother. We would not be alive without it. We would not be who we are today without the years of constant engagement with her. Our relationship with Mom is typically filled with love and gratitude and safety. So we are hesitant and perhaps a bit frightened to develop our own ideas and feelings and values. But we must if we are to have a healthy and happy relationship with others. This book describes the process of letting go that quiets shame and results in more self love and joy.

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Released September 29, 2009
ISBN13 9780979457968
Publishers Nepperhan Press, LLC
Pages 102
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Language English