A Common Word: the Undermining of the Church - E. Al Maqdisi - Bøger - Advancing Native Missions - 9780979492921 - May 9, 2009

A Common Word: the Undermining of the Church

E. Al Maqdisi

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A Common Word: the Undermining of the Church

In 2007 a consortium of Muslim clerics and scholars produced a document entitled A Common Word Between Us and You which was issued as an open letter to the leaders of the major Christian churches. This document was answered by another open letter from religious academics at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture. At first glance, the authors of both documents seem to be motivated by a desire to establish a dialogue between Christians and Muslims. Yet, is this really the case? There is an underlying assumption for both documents. This assumption is that since both are monotheistic religions then it may be asserted that both Christians and Muslims not only believe in only one God but they believe in the same God. Thus, although outwardly the two religions are very different, in fact they are essentially the same, or at least equivalent. Such teaching is commonly accepted in many religious circles today, even among some evangelical Christians. However, it is not a Biblical concept, nor is it consistent with the historic faith of the church. Furthermore, it is also is inconsistent with the Islamic faith as presented in both the Quran and Islamic traditional teaching. In this important book we are presented with a solid biblical understanding of the nature of God and His revealed truth. In addition, with many years experience and training in Islamic law and tradition, the authors expertly demonstrate the fallacies in the A Common Word from a Muslim worldview. Today, when Islam is making aggressive advances in much of the world, it is imperative that the church maintains the truths of the faith with greater zeal than ever before. This book is an invaluable tool to accomplish this very purpose. Sam Solomon, a convert to Christianity, is a senior lecturer, a human rights activist and an advisor to British and European parliamentarians on Islamic issues. Sam has authored a numerous thought-provoking books and articles on Christian-Muslim relations. E Al Maqdisi is a prolific writer and debater, an author of some 15 books, and a regular contributor to many Internet sites on the complex subject of Islam and its teachings.

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Released May 9, 2009
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