Sleep not my Wanton - Gary Bills - Bøger - Blurb - 9781034931478 - February 14, 2023

Sleep not my Wanton

Gary Bills

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Sleep not my Wanton

Lorina Skene moves between two worlds, the everyday and the supernatural, and in both she is a killer, at large and beyond suspicion in Victorian London. She is protected by her privilege and her power. But who, or what, is pulling the strings? This is a Gothic nightmare, and a tale of controlling, obsessive love, with plenty of twists, turns and weird happenings along the bumpy ride through fog and gaslight. Expect to be disturbed, and expect a broken heart, when silence falls and realisation dawns.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released February 14, 2023
ISBN13 9781034931478
Publishers Blurb
Pages 174
Dimensions 127 × 203 × 9 mm   ·   176 g
Language English  

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