A W-Fun Story - Dr Wendy Davis - Books - Xlibris US - 9781401062088 - March 31, 2003
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A W-Fun Story

Dr Wendy Davis

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A W-Fun Story

What is A W-Fun Story: The Adventures of Wanda-Luu?

A W-Fun story: The Adventures of Wanda-Luu is a story that reminds you, through the character of Wanda-Luu, that you are your own best friend, especially when no one else seems to understand.

Using simple rhyme and colorful, fun graphics, the story deals with the discovery of a helpful tool for getting to know the "two yous" inside each of us.

Combining elements of traditional story telling with sound psychology, Dr. Wendy has created a tale that helps kids (and adults as well) dig into the imaginative process of self-inquiry. Through the main characters of Wanda-Luu and Daddy-O, Dr. Wendy shows that we can learn valuable lessons about relationships and ourselves when we become more aware.

What else is the story about?

The story also deals with many emotions: sadness, frustration, fear, anger, loss, joy, love, caring, forgiveness, and celebration. It also touches on issues of power, cooperation, honesty and integrity. It´s chock full of healthy lessons and has been a great learning and teaching tool for over a decade.

How is A W-Fun story: The Adventures of Wanda-Luu a learning and teaching tool?

The book contains a story-writing guide that helps readers to write their own stories. There is a discussion guide for parents or teachers that address issues that develop emotional intelligence and reasoning. There is also a "W-Fun!" workshop that Dr. Wendy offers for upper elementary school students, which aids participants in discussing issues and writing their own stories.

What is a "W-Fun!" Workshop?

The "W-Fun!" Workshop includes a performance of The Adventures of Wanda-Luu, performed with props and music, followed by discussion and activities that get students geared up to write their own stories. It has been performed for hundreds of people in dozens of different audience settings: schools, camps, conferences, schools, bookstores, and college campuses.

The story itself takes about 20 minutes to perform, with time for discussion. Participants are then guided to start writing their own short story, complete with lessons learned and solutions to challenging experiences. Participants also learn how to support one another in their creativity.

The is a small honorarium for a workshop.

To order the book or to book a performance or story-telling workshop, contact Dr. Wendy at 732-236-4588 or camprisingstar111@gmail.com.

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Released March 31, 2003
ISBN13 9781401062088
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