The Opinions of William Cobbett - James Grande - Bøger - Taylor & Francis Ltd - 9781409464327 - November 28, 2013
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The Opinions of William Cobbett New edition

James Grande

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The Opinions of William Cobbett New edition

Politician, journalist, reformer, convict, social commentator and all-round thorn in the side of the establishment, Cobbett had a talent for controversial and pugnacious writing that echoes down the centuries and still rings fresh today. Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Cobbett's birth in 1763.

200 pages

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Released Storbritannien, November 28, 2013
ISBN13 9781409464327
Publishers Taylor & Francis Ltd
Pages 224
Dimensions 162 × 231 × 15 mm   ·   426 g
Language English  
Editor Thomas, Richard

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