Women's Intuition - T. Lashae - Bøger - AuthorHouse - 9781420857207 - June 9, 2005

Women's Intuition

T. Lashae

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Women's Intuition

Women's Intuition is a self help book that will make women that have no clue of their intuition aware that they have them and for the women that know that they have them, the book let's them know how to use them. Before having to ask questions about our current situation, whether it concerns bills, tests in school or your relationship with your friends, family or spouse, look inside of yourself and realize that you know the answer before you even thought of the question. Most things are just common sense. Before making a decision about anything, a little voice tells us what to do but we fail to listen. That voice is our intuition. So many relationships have failed because we fail to follow our intuition. My purpose for writing this book is to reach out to women who are trying to find happiness, realize their worth, and gain the respect that they deserve. Our intuition is a gift from God. Some call it a blessing. We are being untrue to ourselves when we ignore it. If only women would embrace their intuitions, they would be able to avoid unnecessary drama, bad life decisions, and the people who influence both the drama and decisions made. We need to claim the responsibility for the good or bad lives that we live. No one else is to blame. Bad people run in and out of our lives everyday. It left upon us, as adults, to determine whether a person is in our lives to help us or hurt us. What we have to realize is that we are in control of our lives, no one else. No one is to blame but you. Realize it and embrace it. Follow your intuitions.

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Released June 9, 2005
ISBN13 9781420857207
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Pages 48
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