Jinamon and the Airkids - Vin Smith - Books - AuthorHouse - 9781420861624 - March 24, 2006
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Jinamon and the Airkids

Vin Smith

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Jinamon and the Airkids

Vin Smith is back! And this time he weaves a yarn for children from 8 to 80, although at least one centenarian has reported having fun with Jinamon and that Nine Goodkids Gang who refuse to accept cartoon death. Now the kids have morphed themselves into the real world, though they must endure their opaque cartoon bodies. It seems that Uncle Ted Carmoody has decided to retire and move to the West Coast of Florida, while putting his famous cartoon strip, The Nine Goodkids Gang, to the mothballs permanently. Ted will now spend his days collecting specimens from tidepools, to satisfy his yearning to be an amateur marine biologist. Not at all okay. By some miracle of science, Jinamon and his buddies have found a way to break into the real world. Unfortunately, so have their dreaded nemeses, Mr. Gold and Dr. Dreth. It will be up to Stacey and Tracey, the nine-year-old twin daughters of Hiram and Abigail Kelley, to put a stop to the nonsense that Mr. Gold and Dr. Dreth will unleash!

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released March 24, 2006
ISBN13 9781420861624
Publishers AuthorHouse
Pages 168
Dimensions 213 × 11 × 213 mm   ·   312 g
Language English  

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