John and the Johannine Letters - Colleen M. Conway - Bøger - Abingdon Press - 9781426766398 - November 7, 2017

John and the Johannine Letters

Colleen M. Conway

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John and the Johannine Letters

While the book necessarily includes discussion of key concepts in Johannine scholarship (e.g., the existence or not of a distinctive Johannine community, questions regarding the gospel's sources and redactional layers), it also takes into account more recent developments in New Testament studies. It includes gender related issues with influence by postcolonial approaches as well as the influence of the Gospel's socio-political context in shaping its Christology and theology. Chapters focus on the different approaches to the Johannine texts and view the Gospel and letters through the lens of each respective approach. Chapters also encourage observation and open with a brief scripture reading assignment, followed by guiding questions to help students understand the key questions and themes for each approach.

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Released November 7, 2017
ISBN13 9781426766398
Publishers Abingdon Press
Pages 200
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