Love and Other Diversions - Daniel Lambert - Bøger - - 9781430308270 - September 12, 2007
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Love and Other Diversions

Daniel Lambert

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Love and Other Diversions

Horror filmmaker and author Adam Barnick has this to say about Daniel Lambert's first poetry and prose collection: "Mr. Lambert successfully switches genres, themes, and structure with an enlightened ease that towers over most writers' tendencies to fixate with one idea or theme. Yet nothing feels unfocused, dispersed, or dishonest. He touches on love, of course; regret, respect, and reverence for the past; finding the beauty in all things; sensing the darkness inside as well as beyond man. He even has time to throw in some much-needed political incorrectness, clever rhymes that are polar opposites of the Hallmark standard, and some sly humor. I am definitely on the mailing list for volume II." Lambert's fiction, articles, reviews and poems appear in such publications as Easy Reader, Torrance People, Other Worlds, Wrapped In Plastic, The Gamer, Autoduel Quarterly, and Games Unplugged. His writings appear in the anthologies Faces of Love, Daily Frights 2012, and The Manuscripter Volume II.

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Released September 12, 2007
ISBN13 9781430308270
Pages 52
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 3 mm   ·   90 g
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