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Communicating Effectively in Diverse Cultures

Alex Mwakikoti

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Communicating Effectively in Diverse Cultures

The overarching purpose of Communicating Effectively in Diverse Cultures is to share communication barriers we encounter daily when communicating with people who are different from us, and to engender ways of overcoming these barriers leading to understanding each other. The book discusses at length such barriers as ethnocentrism, trust, empathy, stereotyping, listening, prejudice, racism, and nonverbal aspects of communication including facial expressions, personal space, and more. The book also provides useful tips for global travelers, information that augments a sense of peace and comfort when traveling. In the end, the better we understand and communicate effectively with each other, the lesser misunderstandings and better promotion of healthier future generations that can live harmoniously together. We can communicate effectively with each other when we engage in our interaction with open minds, respect for one another, and while honoring our differences. Dr. Alex Mwakikoti is the president of Alex Consulting and Associates and a retired associate professor of sociology at Wiley College. After graduating from Michigan State University with a Ph. D. in sociology and an M. A. in communication, Mwakikoti taught at the University of Texas at Arlington and at Wiley College in Marshall, Texas.

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Released May 30, 2018
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