Mastering the Power of Magick and Ritual - Pamela McAlpine - Bøger - Outskirts Press - 9781432791360 - April 28, 2016

Mastering the Power of Magick and Ritual

Pamela McAlpine

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Mastering the Power of Magick and Ritual

Mastering the Power of Magick and Ritual was created to educate others on how to bring about the opportunities to manifest love, luck, money, communication with spirits and much more. Even if you have never practiced any form of magick before, you will be able to master the art of magick with this easy to follow step-by-step guide that contains the information necessary to perform a magick ritual. You will learn: * MEDITATION, VISUALIZATION, OBJECT IMMERSION, LIGHT ENERGY, CHAKRA, AURA CLEANSING, AND HOW TO RAISE ENERGY. * Representations of angelic, demonic and evil deities and how to call upon their assistance. * What spell enhancers are, how to use candles and what candles represent. * How to use the tarot in your ritual, including tarot keywords. * How to write your own spell and when to perform a ritual using the moon phases, planetary operations and the hours of practice. * What tools are and what ritual tools to use. * How to perform a ritual bath to prepare you physically and mentally. * How to perform a smudging ritual. This smudging ritual not only purifies you and your ritual area, it can also be used to eliminate bad vibrations on a weekly basis. * You will come to know how to cast a circle of power, set-up an altar, summon the elements, summon spell deities, cast your spell, offer deities food and drink as well as close your circle of power, dismiss deities and elements. In addition, a bonus chapter containing: * A Love Spell Ritual * WHAT A BOOK OF SHADOWS JOURNAL IS AND SOME OF ITS CONTENTS, AS THERE ARE MANY SUBJECTS CONTAINED IN THIS TYPE OF BOOK. Mastering the Power of Magick and Ritual is an excellent piece to have in ones' library as it is a complete guide to acquiring the skills to master magick.

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Released April 28, 2016
ISBN13 9781432791360
Publishers Outskirts Press
Pages 200
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Language English