Sporting Greats of 2008: an Illustrated Review - John Clayton - Books - Authorhouse - 9781438938165 - May 11, 2009
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Sporting Greats of 2008: an Illustrated Review

John Clayton

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Sporting Greats of 2008: an Illustrated Review

Publisher Marketing: This book is a sporting review of 2008. Important sporting events such as Euro 2008 and the Olympic Games are included, though the focus is on the achievements of sportsmen and sportswomen. Fifteen different sports are covered and the authors have selected their 36 sporting personalities of the year. The book celebrates outstanding achievements such as David Beckham's 100th England Cap as well as empathising with the near misses of sports people who failed to realise their ultimate ambitions in 2008, such as Phillips Idowu's silver medal in the Olympic Games Triple Jump final. The authors make no claims to exclusivity and emphasise that the selection of sporting personalities is their personal choice. They expect that the reader's selections may differ from their own and may identify omissions. If this is the case the authors will be delighted as the aim of the book is to stimulate people to think and talk about the sporting year. The book will be of genuine interest to sports fans irrespective of age, whilst the colour illustrations provide a unique and vibrant backdrop to the written commentaries, that children and young sports fans will enjoy. This makes 'Sporting Greats of 2008: An Illustrated review' a sports book that is particularly suitable for families but equally is a sporting review that all sports fans will enjoy. Contributor Bio:  Clayton, John John Clayton is the author of The Cowboy Girl and other books. Since 1993 he has written regularly about history and culture for Montana Magazine, the Montana Quarterly, Montana: The Magazine of Western History, and even some publications that don't include "Montana" in their names. You can learn more at his website,

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Released May 11, 2009
ISBN13 9781438938165
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