Forbidden - Davis Bunn - Bøger - Canongate Books - 9781448309412 - January 3, 2023

Forbidden Main edition

Davis Bunn

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Forbidden Main edition

A loner, a runaway, and a failed apprentice Talent, Chad Hagan now wants a quiet life. He's been kicked out of one Institute of Magic for fighting and fled another after the death of his closest friend. But when he meets Kara Sedgewick, everything changes. Their forbidden alliance may just have the power to expose the institutes' corruption!

208 pages, No

Media Books     Hardcover Book   (Book with hard spine and cover)
Released Storbritannien, January 3, 2023
ISBN13 9781448309412
Publishers Canongate Books
Pages 208
Dimensions 147 × 223 × 21 mm   ·   386 g

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