Dreams of Long Ago and Memories So True - Rose Della Trujillo - Books - Authorhouse - 9781452072395 - October 13, 2010
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Dreams of Long Ago and Memories So True

Rose Della Trujillo

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Dreams of Long Ago and Memories So True

Publisher Marketing: DREAMS OF LONG AGO AND MEMORIES SO TRUE is a consolidation of my mother's poems, songs, and short stories. I have attempted to introduce each by writing about the circumstances surrounding it and how each came into existence, and by adding an exhibit to illustrate the idea of each. The illustrations and snapshots are mine. There are two exceptions. The Northern Lights picture was taken by a news station and is so noted, and the picture of the vintage roses used for the cover of this book and which is used, courtesy of VintageHolidayCrafts.com. The reason this certain illustration was chosen for a book cover is because my mother's first name is Rose ( the book cover illustration has roses), her favorite color is pink (thus the pink roses). This book began to take shape, when I was searching for some now forgotten item in my mother's desk. Instead, I found a notebook of poems, dated, and dating back to about the year 1950 and written in pencil. I started to read and when I finished, I thought it would be a good idea to have a book published with these poems. My mother is now ninety-four years young. There is no time to waste. I want her to see this book, with her work, before she goes to live with God. She, herself, wrote a short biography, which is in the book, and which indicated that she would like to be able to know that her grandchildren would be reading her poems, songs, and short stories when she is no longer here. After the consolidation was completed, I read the book from beginning to end and found that, not only poems, songs, and short stories are in this book, but also the lives of her and her family. There are happy times and sad times. and there are tragedies. But, through all that, that has happened, the family is doing well. I think the reader will be able to relate to the events in this book, since it is an everyday American way of life. The poems are in chronological order. Each has it's own introduction, as do the songs and short stories. Each also has a light-hearted illustration made up of pictures taken from the family album or illustrated by the daughter.

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Released October 13, 2010
ISBN13 9781452072395
Publishers Authorhouse
Genre Topical > Family
Pages 96
Dimensions 216 × 279 × 6 mm   ·   244 g