A Path Up the Mountain - Charlie Unwin - Books - BalboaPressAU - 9781452524825 - August 12, 2014
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A Path Up the Mountain

Charlie Unwin

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A Path Up the Mountain

There are many paths up the mountain, and they all lead to the top. This is just one path-my path. It's not the right path, nor is it the wrong path; it's just mine and I want to share it with you to help you find your own path up the mountain. When I was at drama school I was struggling with the teachings of one particular tutor-a man revered for his knowledge of the craft and history in theatre. But what he was saying/teaching wasn't striking a chord with me. That wasn't the way that I did it, so I thought, Is my whole technique wrong? But why does it feel right? Then, a very wise teacher sat me down and explained that I wasn't at drama school to learn how to act using his technique. I was there to create my own method. "Take a bit of what he's teaching, the bit that resonates with you, take a bit of what I'm teaching, what she's teaching, what they're teaching, and so on, and create your own method. And then, over the years, add to it when you learn from other actors, teachers, and acting jobs" This advice has translated to many other areas of my life and impacted my spiritual beliefs. That is what this book is about. It isn't about saying that this is the correct path up the mountain or the way towards enlightenment. It is just a path up the mountain. This book details my beliefs, my knowledge, and my path. Nothing in this book is wrong; it is all 100 percent right. For me. For now.

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Released August 12, 2014
ISBN13 9781452524825
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Pages 140
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