Fascination: the Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure - Randy Senna - Bøger - Createspace - 9781453832066 - November 15, 2010

Fascination: the Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure

Randy Senna

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Fascination: the Lifetime Boardwalk Adventure

Publisher Marketing: Fascination. The game of lights, the house of lights... it's electronic BINGO in lights. Come on in and join us... sit in and WIN ! There's a winner in EVERY game... and a prize to EVERY winner ! Don't pass it by... give it a try !!! Dating back to the late 1920's, and making a grand debut at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, the Fascination game started appearing on the shore point amusement Boardwalks, and in Amusement Parks across the nation. Originally operated as a gambling game, and widely mafia controlled, "Fascination," became just as the name describes; a fascination to the patrons, and a study in human nature. This book follows the extraordinary lifetime events of one man's dream and obsession with Fascination. It explores the numerous, and varied evolutions of the Iconic Boardwalk Fascination game, including the types of people who patronized, and/or operated this favorite amongst family generations, which became a tradition, delighting millions of people for eighty years. But can a life longs dedication to an amusement game, be more then an obsession... and actually become a way of life ? Fun, Dreams, Fantasy, Dedication, and a mix of injustice.... Where the real world collides with dreams and illusion.... Fascination....

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released November 15, 2010
ISBN13 9781453832066
Publishers Createspace
Pages 216
Dimensions 203 × 254 × 12 mm   ·   435 g

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