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Real Essays for College and Grad School

Anne Mckinney

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Real Essays for College and Grad School

When you are applying to college or grad school, the essays you write can count up to 60% in admissions decisions and can influence scholarship offers. This book provides real essays to use as samples, and the book contains real essays used by real people to get into law school, business school, Ph. D. programs, colleges including the Ivy League, as well as grad schools of all types. Learn proven techniques used by professional writers in developing essays that give admissions committees what they are looking for. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this unique book doesn't just 'tell how;' it 'shows how' to write essays that could help you into the school of your choice. Praise for other books in this series: "Distinguished by highly readable samples." - Library Journal "Useful for any student population." --Catholic Library World The book shows essays, personal statements, resumes, and letters that are part of the application process for admission and scholarship consideration at colleges and universities. Both the recent high school graduate and the individual applying to professional schools including law, dental, medical, or MBA school will find essays pertinent to their needs. This brilliant and insightful book shows proven techniques that open the door to higher educational opportunities and scholarships. This unique how-to book does not simply "tell how" to write effective essays and letters; it "shows how" in page after page of meaty examples. The extensive Table of Contents is a road map to specific essays broken down by type of degree pursued, specific essay questions, and personal goals. The editor maintains a constant dialogue with the reader in tips and background remarks on each page. As one admissions director says, "the essays can count up to 60% in the admissions process." The book shows how to make those essays and personal statements insightful, revealing, and persuasive. Both the traditional and non-traditional student applying to any organization of higher education will be judged in part on essays and letters submitted to a selection committee. It is essential that applicants aggressively market their abilities and make the best use of opportunities to explain their shortcomings, such as a poor high school or undergraduate grade point average. According to an article in TIME Magazine: "Admissions officers say the most successful essays show curiosity and awareness. Says Cornell's Saleh: 'It's the only thing that really lets us see inside your soul.?" Review from The Book Reader: "There are plenty of essays here for just about every important occasion concerning college. Each section has advice, warnings, and what officials and teachers are looking for. Anne McKinney gives one-line tips, section-opening instructions. An important opening section on how to use the web to get information about colleges and scholarships and loans. Valuable last section on how to request letters of reference and what they should look like. McKinney puts herself into the minds of the student and the deciding committee when she advises that essay questions are an attempt by the admissions committee to get to know you. McKinney expresses clearly what's needed. She tells us why. She brings up difficult matters and makes them extraordinarily do-able. A rewarding, very unique volume." Testimonials from people who have used this book: "I didn't even have an undergraduate degree when I applied to MBA School. Thanks to the strength of my essays, I was accepted." C. Tavarez "Your essays count a lot in the admissions process. Make sure your essays are original and insightful." B. Warren, Admissions Director "I didn't think I'd get into dental school because of my poor undergraduate GPA. Because my essays were persuasive, I was offered admission to the top three dental schools." M. Frazelle "At the best schools, admissions decisions can be a close call. The essays made the difference for me." S. Fin

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