The Greatest Love - Caroline Tan - Bøger - TraffordSG - 9781490703459 - January 14, 2014

The Greatest Love

Caroline Tan

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The Greatest Love

The main objective to publish this book is to bring awareness to the people that we are spiritual beings. Every each one of us was born into this world many times and we are supposed to be learning and enrich our souls. This part of Happy Science teaching, taught by our great teacher, Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science about the meaning of life. We, as human beings have been born in this world many times to complete our workbook of life. Every one of us in this world, without any exception will go back to the next world after we complete our life span in a few decades. As human beings, we should realize that after we die, our souls will travel back to the next world. So, we have to learn to live our lives to the fullest and learn to achieve our enlightenment before we go back in our true home. Since we were given a great opportunity to learn and to achieve the best in this world, we should be grateful and we should have courage to live our life. We also should practice the love that gives rather than the love that take! This book will benefit those who are searching for the Truth. There some who people have faith in God but lack of knowledge in it. The Truth is God is there all the time to assist us if we have faith and believe in the miracle. But many of the people on earth now do not believe in God or Buddha. Everyone have Buddha nature or God nature within us. So we should shine and live happily every day.

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Released January 14, 2014
ISBN13 9781490703459
Publishers TraffordSG
Pages 36
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