The Winds of Barclay Street: the Amusing Life and Sad Demise of the New York World-telegram and Sun - John Ferris - Bøger - Authorhouse - 9781491822715 - October 25, 2013

The Winds of Barclay Street: the Amusing Life and Sad Demise of the New York World-telegram and Sun

John Ferris

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The Winds of Barclay Street: the Amusing Life and Sad Demise of the New York World-telegram and Sun

Publisher Marketing: John Ferris wrote The Winds of Barclay Street on behalf of the men and women who worked on the New York World-Telegram and Sun. After the prestigious newspaper's demise, in 1967, he often reminisced with his former colleagues, fondly remembering the antics and tomfoolery of fellow journalists as well as their reportage of serious news. Their past seemed a wondrous experience that must be preserved before it faded completely, consigning their signi cant if often foolish history to oblivion. The Winds of Barclay Street recalls comical episodes of the reporters on daily assignment for news, as well as the highly-gifted sta writers and editors who enlivened their working hours by writing ctitious, amusing articles not found in straight news. The book covers the heady days of the newspaper's prime through its sad but inevitable decline and eventual demise due to economic and social conditions in New York City of the 1960s. Today the old Barclay Street is unrecognizable, as giant behemoths of architectural stone and granite cover the former location of a once-great newspaper and the small businesses of lower Manhattan. The Winds of Barclay Street recalls a lost era and the individual men and women who wrote a newspaper read by thousands of commuters on subway, bus, train, or ferry, and by subscribers at home. Contributor Bio:  Ferris, John John Ferris is Professor of History and Fellow at The Centre for Military and Strategic Studies at the University of Calgary. He received an MA (1980) and a PhD (1986) in War Studies from King's College London. He has published four books and one hundred academic articles or chapters in books, on diplomatic, intelligence and military history, as well as contemporary strategy and intelligence. His books have been published in Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, the United States and the United Kingdom: they have been translated into French and Japanese. He comments in national and international media, on Canadian and American foreign and military policy. He has been Cryptologic Historical Scholar in Residence at The National Security Agency and Killam Residential Professor at the University of Calgary, and is Honorary Professor at the Department of International Politics, the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, and Adjunct Professor at the Department of War Studies, Royal Military College of Canada. He has just completed a book on the theory of intelligence and is working on a study of Britain, Japan, the United States, intelligence, deception and strategy, and the outbreak of the Pacific War.

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Released October 25, 2013
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