Butterflies Sheet Music: the Music to the Musical Play - Dawn Labuy-brockett - Bøger - Createspace - 9781495960987 - February 16, 2014

Butterflies Sheet Music: the Music to the Musical Play

Dawn Labuy-brockett

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Butterflies Sheet Music: the Music to the Musical Play

Publisher Marketing: The sheet music to the Musical Play, "Butterflies." A CD of the music is available on this site, which could quite useful for rehearsals. It is called "Butterflies." 2 performance CD's are also available. One is the Performance Music for all the songs and the chimes. The other is a CD of the Circus Music that takes place three times in the play for the actual clown performances. Full orchestration scores with parts are available by emailing the composer at vap1951@comcast.net Purchasing this book grants you the right to copy any of the materials for your needs. Dawn LaBuy-Brockett is a composer/writer, with many offerings on Amazon. Search for "dawn labuy" to find all her works. Here is a short list of what you will find: "Conversations" is a symphony with a score available, as well as parts, a CD, and MP3 downloads. "Butterflies" is a musical play with a playbook available, as well as sheet music, a couple of CD's, and MP3 downloads. Also available are books of Chamber Music Quartets and Quintets for most any instruments, Christmas music for voice and percussion, Handbell music (includes duets and quartets), a Piano Solo and a Duet for 2 Pianos, Instant Handbells with scores for immediate performances of Change Ringing, and Melodee Bells with scores for immediate performances of Change Ringing for young children or audience participation. Dawn also has books for toddlers to learn colors, numbers, and letters. She has books for 4 yr. olds and up to learn music note values, basic math, and combinations and permutations (don't let this scare you - it's interactive and fun!) 13 Pieces is a book of Dawn's short stories and poetry. Dawn LaBuy-Brockett, Pi Kappa Lambda, BM and MM Music Theory and Composition, NIU, BA Mathematics with a minor in English, IWU. Contributor Bio:  Labuy-Brockett, Dawn Dawn LaBuy-Brockett is a music composer, a playwright, and a published author. Her birthday is April Fools' Day. Doesn't that just about explain everything? If you're not smiling, you haven't met her yet!

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released February 16, 2014
ISBN13 9781495960987
Publishers Createspace
Pages 134
Dimensions 216 × 279 × 7 mm   ·   326 g

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