Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial - V Bertolaccini - Bøger - Createspace - 9781515173731 - July 21, 2015

Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial

V Bertolaccini

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Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial

Publisher Marketing: An adventurous science fiction comedy! Has a powerful action-packed comedy and science fiction story of a soldier losing his memory after an alien abduction and his comical search for his lost identity, as he searches for lost treasure and encounters the UK Prime Minister, US military, and NASA, as they make contact with an interdimensional extraterrestrial shot down by a military space weapon! Full of surprises and a hilarious plot and begins in a forest one night when an extraterrestrial comes crashing down and the strange extraterrestrial entity manages to survive the impact and release of forces and alters its form to this world, as it creeps out into the dark world and forest, and it hides in one of the stupidest places before humans arrive. The army arrives and investigates what crashed into the wood and newspapers report it and officials at NASA are brought in, and in the end admit a military weapon system shot it out of the sky on its appearance over the world. Scientists explore everything they can and try to find what escaped from the crash! Has moments of ingenuity and action, high comedy, and scary moments and accelerates on in a convincingly everyday setting that makes it work! Contributor Bio:  Bertolaccini, V A science fiction author, science fiction inventor, futurist, who received multiple independent reviews of his work, famous for his unique classic mind-bending beyond space and time, alien artifact, and exploration themed work, who did his first mind-boggling science fiction classic From Beyond Space And Time in 1998.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released July 21, 2015
ISBN13 9781515173731
Publishers Createspace
Pages 178
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 10 mm   ·   267 g

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