Cruising the U.S. Coast 7. The West Coast - A Phillips - Bøger - Createspace Independent Publishing Platf - 9781541395602 - 2017
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Cruising the U.S. Coast 7. The West Coast

A Phillips

Cruising the U.S. Coast 7. The West Coast

Edition 49 for 2017. This book contains the 2017 text from the official U. S. Coast Pilot. It also contains masses of extra information accessible by using a code embedded in the print book. The app links to charts, aerial photos, embedded videos, every marina, email support group, all port authorities, the wind charts, every anchorage, worldwide harbors, the tides, engine troubleshooting, all the weather, local knowledge, every dive site, every seabird, every pelagic fish, how to catch fish, animated knots, tips, Cruisers Forum, suggested itineraries, the nav rules, the ocean currents, all safety information, USCG, outboard engines, vessel traffic services, the radio frequencies, videos, every dock, every fuel supply, food, restaurants & supermarkets, every lighthouse, repairs, marine parks, general knowledge, your safety & security, sightseeing, the dive sites, all necessary books, USCG accident reports, safety check, Facebook group, Pinterest, Instagram, the nightlife, Crewfinder, Tumblr, Scuttlebutt, Snapchat group, Tripadvisor, environmental issues, all warnings, Chatbot, Live cams, Livestream, Events, Regulations, Wikipedia, put up your photos & videos, email group, Cruisers Forum, BoatBuzz, Top 20 sailing blogs, Links to all Gov agencies, official alerts & warnings and more... +The app on your phone, tablet and computer ready for any situation. + Link to First Aid and Sea Survival. + Phone and email out of the app. + Your screen can become a full screen weather radar. + See the surrounding ships in real time on your screen with a link to AIS. + View updated charts using online chart viewer. + Before departure download and print current charts in booklet form. Topics in this Pilot include channel descriptions, piracy, safety, anchorages, cloud cover, local winds, humidity, temperatures, bridge and cable clearances, dangerous waves, currents, tide and water levels, prominent features, visibility, cyclones, storms, fog, precipitation, pilotage, towage, weather, ice conditions, wharf descriptions, dangers, routes, traffic separation schemes, small-craft facilities, and Federal regulations applicable to navigation. GENERAL INFORMATION This is a huge resource on the app with hundreds of useful links to Government, USCG, Wikipedia etc. Chapter 2. NAVIGATION REGULATIONS The complete online updated Code of Federal Regulations is linked in the app. Chapter 3. CALIFORNIA, OREGON AND WASHINGTON. Chapter 4. SAN DIEGO TO POINT ARGUELLO, California. Chapter 5. CHANNEL ISLANDS. This chapter describes the eight Channel Islands They include the four islands of the southern group-San Clemente, Santa Catalina, San Nicolas, and Santa Barbara; Chapter 6. POINT ARGUELLO TO SAN FRANCISCO BAY, California. Chapter 7. SAN FRANCISCO BAY, California. Chapter 8. SAN FRANCISCO BAY TO POINT ST. GEORGE, California. This chapter describes Bodega Bay, Tomales Bay, Noyo River and Anchorage, Shelter Cove, Humboldt Bay. Chapter 9. CHETCO RIVER TO COLUMBIA RIVER, Oregon. This chapter describes 200 miles of the Oregon coast from the mouth of the Chetco River to the mouth of the Columbia River. Chapter 10. COLOMBIA RIVER, Oregon and Washington This chapter describes the Columbia River from its mouth at the Pacific Ocean to the head of navigation above Richland, Chapter 11. COLUMBIA RIVER TO STRAIT DE FUCA, Washington This chapter describes the Pacific coast of the State of Washington from the Washington-Oregon border at the mouth of the Columbia River Chapter 12. STRAIT OF JUAN DE FUCA & GEORGIA, Washington. This chapter includes the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Sequim Bay, Port Discovery, the San Juan Islands and its various passages and straits, Deception Pass, Fidalgo Island, Chapter 13. PUGET SOUND, Washington This chapter describes Puget Sound and its numerous inlets, bays, and passages, and the waters of Hood Canal,

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Released 2017
ISBN13 9781541395602
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