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High Blood Pressure

David Jonathan

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High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a global epidemic that is responsible for millions of death on yearly basis. There are a number of contributing factors to this problem, but the good news is that there are a number of natural remedies as well as delicious recipes you can eat to deal with the situation accordingly, and this is one of the reasons why this book was carefully researched and written. According to the American Heart Association, 1 in every 4 adult suffers from high blood pressure at one time or the other. While some people may record occasional high blood pressure as a result of intense physical activities, this may not constitute any health hazard as the blood pressure returns to normal once the intense activities has been concluded, others may suffer from chronic high blood pressure as a result of poor dietary habits (high sodium or salt consumption), stress(mental and psychological trauma), and some other underlying medical condition. This book provides numerous information on how to effectively handle high blood pressure and enjoy a healthy normal life. Other things you will learn here include: -How to identify some hidden causes and symptoms of high blood pressure. -Identifying complications associated with high blood pressure -Homemade, and other natural remedies for symptoms of high blood pressure. -Delicious and healthy recipes for regulating blood pressure ( low sodium recipes for blood pressure management) -Lifestyle changes and other tips and ideas to ensure that your blood pressure remains under your control.

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Released March 20, 2017
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