Vision And Visuality: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2 - Hal Foster - Bøger - The New Press - 9781565844612 - September 1, 1998

Vision And Visuality: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2

Hal Foster

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Vision And Visuality: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2

Marc Notes: Originally published: Seattle: Bay Press, 1988. Biographical Note: Hal Foster is Townsend Martin Class of 1917 Professor of Art and Archaeology at Princeton University, where he teaches courses in modernist and contemporary art and theory and directs the graduate proseminar in methodology. He is a faculty member of the School of Architecture and an associate faculty member of the Department of German; he also works with Media and Modernity and European Cultural Studies programs. He is the author of numerous books, including "The Anti-Aesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture" and "Recodings: Art, Spectacle, Cultural Politics," both published by The New Press. He is also the editor of two New Press books, "Discussions in Contemporary Culture #1" and "Vision and Visuality: Discussions in Contemporary Culture #2." A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Foster writes regularly for "October," which he co-edits; "Artforum"; the "London Review of Books"; and "New Left Review." Contributor Bio:  Foster, Hal Hal Foster (1892-1982) created Prince Valiant in 1937. Though remaining involved with the strip until his death in 1982, Foster handed the bulk of the scripting and art chores over to his longtime assistant, John Cullen Murphy, in 1971.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released Storbritannien, September 1, 1998
ISBN13 9781565844612
Publishers The New Press
Genre Chronological Period > 20th Century
Pages 152
Dimensions 274 × 156 × 19 mm   ·   190 g

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