Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother - Arthur C Benson - Bøger - Once and Future Books - 9781602100008 - September 15, 2008
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Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother

Arthur C Benson

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Hugh: Memoirs of a Brother

Arthur C. Benson's touching tribute to his brother, Robert Hugh Benson (1871-1914), the noted author and preacher, whose conversion from the Anglican communion to Catholicism in 1903 startled Edwardian England. Arthur's sketch of his brother, fondly known as "Hugh," in general avoids discussing religious issues, however, and paints a glowing portrait of a beloved brother, focusing on Father Benson's character, temperament, and personality, leaving discussion of his more "sensational" fiction to fans and critics. This book is invaluable for gaining insights to an author popular with both Catholic and Protestants, and gives an insightful portrait of the man, rather than an analysis of a writer's work.

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Released September 15, 2008
ISBN13 9781602100008
Publishers Once and Future Books
Pages 160
Dimensions 208 g
Language English  
Contributor Michael D Greaney

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