Birds in Our Lives: Dwelling in an Avian World - Adam Davis - Books - Cognella, Inc - 9781609276898 - July 1, 2012
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Birds in Our Lives: Dwelling in an Avian World

Adam Davis

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Birds in Our Lives: Dwelling in an Avian World

What is it that draws us to birds in all their magnificent diversity of color, song, size and ability? Civilizations ancient and modern have been spellbound by birds' ability to fly, the beauty and complexity of their sounds, and the sheer volume and presence of birds on every continent.

Birds are a key component of the global economy. Bird-watching and eco-tourism are increasingly profitable industries, and egg and meat production provides the world with its' single largest source of animal protein. Birds in Our Lives is an introductory text in avian biology, which offers a unique approach addressing not only scientific content, but recognizing the economic and social importance of many avian species.

Birds in Our Lives begins with an examination of the evolution of birds. Subsequent chapters address issues in international trade, flight, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and reproduction. The second half of the text is devoted to specific species including parrots, raptors, pigeons and doves, ratites like emus and cassowaries, Galliformes like pheasants, turkeys and jungle fowl, and waterfowl. The final chapter addresses opportunities for helping bird populations whether as a land owner, consumer, or concerned citizen.

Birds in Our Lives is an excellent text for introductory through junior level avian biology courses. It will also be of interest to anyone choosing a bird as a pet, as well as those involved in hobbies such as falconry and pigeon-racing.

Adam J. Davis earned both his B. S. in Animal Science and his Ph. D. in Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University. Following his work as a Postdoctoral Associate in molecular reproductive endocrinology he began teaching at the University of Georgia, where he is currently an Associate Professor. Dr. Davis has combined his interest in birds and training in nutrition and reproduction to develop award winning educational and research programs in poultry and avian biology. He continues to breed parrots and finches in his spare time.

Mia N. Malloy earned both her B. S. in Biological Science and her Ph. D. in Poultry Science at the University of Georgia. While working on her Ph. D., she helped develop, coordinate, and teach Field Studies in Avian Biology for a summer study abroad program in Costa Rica. Her numerous field skills include mist-netting, nest searching, and field identification. As a Post-doctoral Associate in Adam Davis? laboratory, she is active in both research and teaching. Dr. Malloy teaches an introductory bird course at the University of Georgia and assists with nutritional and reproductive studies.

340 pages

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