Painting Dreams - Nicki Lynn - Bger - World Castle Publishing - 9781629898865 - February 2, 2018

Painting Dreams

Nicki Lynn

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Painting Dreams

Calloused by the harsh experiences from her youth, Jacquelyn "Jaycie" Brooks sought change. A new adoptive last name, different hair color, and piercings afforded the teen some semblance of escape in the time following her personal tragedy - even if only superficially. Jaded from her grim history, Jaycie watched the world with an unsympathetic scrutiny until a reminder of her past forced her to reevaluate her perspective. The reappearance of Gabe, the childhood friend she had been separated from for nearly five years, reignites her former identity, but she quickly realizes that their reunion is not without hardship. Gabe has been struggling with his own sense of purpose after losing the arm that fostered his artistic talent, but Jaycie's attempts to help the broken man are exhausting and leave little room for her own escalating problems. In an attempt to flee reality, the duo embarks on a journey, but the price for such an adventure might be more than Jaycie bargained for. Amid reconnecting with Gabe and the continued battle with the demons of her past, she finds herself in a compromising situation. Stuck between her past and present worlds, Jaycie will learn the painful truth of consequence. Navigating through a web of deceit and emotional trauma, neither Gabe nor Jaycie is fully prepared for the path ahead, and that naivety may cost Jaycie dearly.

Media Books     Paperback Book   (Book with soft cover and glued back)
Released February 2, 2018
ISBN13 9781629898865
Publishers World Castle Publishing
Pages 242
Dimensions 152 229 14 mm   ·   358 g
Language English  

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