Forget Me Not - John Benton Jones - Bøger - Xulon Press - 9781630501747 - January 29, 2020

Forget Me Not

John Benton Jones

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Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not: Determined That I Would Live My Life as God Intended is the story of an African-American, John Benton Jones, growing up in East Texas in the 1940's, and the man he would eventually become. John was raised by his grandmother. He called her Big Mama. She wanted him to be a Christian. She taught him about the Spirit of Jesus Christ, becoming born again through the indwelling of this Spirit, how He guides us and the importance of living with virtue and morality. In the summer of 1942, John obeyed Big Mama. He became a Christian. But after leaving her guardianship, he rejected Christianity and fell prey to the mindset that joyful thrills and worldly treasures are what life is all about. His goal became to experience as many thrills and possess as many worldly treasures as possible. But while living this lifestyle John repeatedly heard from the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the whispering friend he calls "Forget Me Not", encouraging him to return to the person he was taught to be and live as God intended.

A dynamic struggle of the inner man ensues. This struggle provides sustenance, entertainment and enlightenment value for the narrative. A must read for Christians and non-Christians. Anyone finding it difficult to understand what Christianity is about will also find this book beneficial. Finally, it proclaims the God of Christianity is the source of truth and provides evidence that the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the source of wisdom and without Him in our lives, meaning, direction and purpose cannot be found. Come along on the journey and learn to listen to Forget Me Not's wise counsel. Through Him, you will learn how to overcome evil and choose good in a world where it is increasingly difficult to do so.

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Released January 29, 2020
ISBN13 9781630501747
Publishers Xulon Press
Pages 256
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