Divide the Country! - Lloyd Bowers - Books - Liberty Hill Publishing - 9781630502621 - February 21, 2020
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Divide the Country!

Lloyd Bowers

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Divide the Country!

My book takes stock of America's predicament--its division into warring sides, and its frustration and paranoia increasing in a political stalemate--and comes up with a fairly outrageous solution: divide the country. Elected officials may agree with such a plan, but promoting it publicly could be an election-killer. Fortunately, the split in the electorate is a fait-accompli--as evidenced by the rancor following the Trump presidency--and it succeeds where political-will fails. Americans only need to respond pro-actively to the split and restore unity to the successor nations. We cannot save a nation dominated by hostile rhetoric. We cannot employ the dictatorial measures many see as the only way to resolve the disunity--the by-product of America's success. America is the last great hope for so many people, they want to turn it to their advantage; but America does not succeed because of voting patterns; it succeeds with foundational documents that facilitate effective governing.

180 pages

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Released February 21, 2020
ISBN13 9781630502621
Publishers Liberty Hill Publishing
Pages 180
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