Leadership in Christian Education - Amadi Osondu - Bøger - Xulon Press - 9781630505264 - February 20, 2020

Leadership in Christian Education

Amadi Osondu

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Leadership in Christian Education

If you are conscious but doubtful of the ubiquitous phraseology used to commend and present graduates of post-secondary education and boldly printed on the diplomas issued to adjudge their success usually proclaiming: "Found worthy in character and learning", then this book will be of immense interest. The disturbing distortion and crisis exhibited in the meaning and sense of Leadership as a subject has mainly provided adequate room for semantic gallantry in the effort to understand why Leadership must be perceived and situated within its proper purview. The culture of fragmentation and individualistic approach to life in what we generally agree to be today's civilized society has further denied learners, teachers and practitioners of leadership the opportunity to steer the general population in the right direction. The future thus seems to appear blurred or rather opaque in the minds of the new generation as to the need to appreciate as well as recognize the growth and continuity of the society with genuine love and compassion. The book features a multi-dimensional exploration of what Leadership means while highlighting why a rethink has become necessary in its definition for the benefit of today's world for both the old and the young. It also offers succinctly a direct display of the foundation and origin of Leadership to the reader thus making it worth his while.

Amadi Osondu, who holds a doctorate degree in education with specialty in Christian Education has garnered several years of experience as a teacher at elementary, secondary and college levels. His multi-discipline educational background and training in the US includes a bachelor's degree in Accounting, an MBA as well as a Master of education degree from Teachers College, Columbia University, provided him the robust base and advantage to also practice in the business world where he served as an Accountant with a publicly quoted company with offices in New York and New Jersey. Dr. Osondu also plied his trade overseas for more than two decades in both the public and the private sectors of the economy. He presently lives in Houston, Texas.

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Released February 20, 2020
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