Asoya; Shadows From the Past (過去からの影) - Joseph Davaulia - Bøger - Xulon Press - 9781630505547 - March 3, 2020

Asoya; Shadows From the Past (過去からの影)

Joseph Davaulia

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Asoya; Shadows From the Past (過去からの影)

Everything has a core, even those that are named amongst the ninjas. When it comes to events that have happened in the past, everyone has good memories and other memories...are not so good. What do we do with the ones that are not so good? This is the Story of Asoya; Shadows From the Past.

The past can be like a shadow that tries to cover you, some choose to ignore past things, others make it a point to confront and handle it...what do you do? How would you combat and defeat your past if it sprouts up to fight against you?

This is the question among many in this book; what does it look like for a ninja to fight against a life that they have chosen to turn away from, when they were brought up to be an assassin?

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Released March 3, 2020
ISBN13 9781630505547
Publishers Xulon Press
Pages 228
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 19 mm   ·   580 g
Language English  

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