Lucky Davis - Bradford L Boggs - Bøger - Xulon Press - 9781630505622 - July 30, 2020

Lucky Davis

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Lucky Davis

This is a true story of Charles Davis, an American soldier in WWII. He was assigned to motorcycle reconnaissance scouting forward enemy positions. He participated in three major amphibious invasions in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. He was named "Lucky Davis" by the men in his unit because of the many times he almost got killed. Davis was shot in the head by a German soldier in Tunisia, run over by an enemy tank at Kasserine Pass and was the lone survivor of a disastrous motorcycle attack on a German occupied Arab city. Davis tells his story in an interesting first-person account of his time in combat from enlistment until war's end. Unbelievable events of his arguments with General Patton, his personal friendship with Joe Louis, and his body-snatching assignment to get Mussolini. From Casablanca to the liberation of Rome, Davis tells of encounters with enemy booby-traps, mine-fields, taking prisoners, dangerous patrols and heart-warming stories of meeting civilians caught up in a terrible war. This book is a fast-moving, action-packed true war story for everyone interested in WWII combat. Bradford Boggs was born in Pontiac, Michigan. At an early age, his father became a Foreign Service officer with the U. S. State Department. He experienced a unique childhood growing up in diplomatic assignments in Asia. He attended international schools in Jakarta, Beirut and Ankara. He was an artillery gunner with the Second Armored Cavalry Regiment, U. S. Army Europe. He settled in Richmond, Virginia and earned a BS degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Lucky Davis is his first book. He is working on three novels, a children's book and historical documentary of Richmond.

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Released July 30, 2020
ISBN13 9781630505622
Publishers Xulon Press
Pages 314
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