Transcendent Gospel - Hilford Hurst - Bøger - Xulon Press - 9781630507732 - March 14, 2020

Transcendent Gospel

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Transcendent Gospel

This book contains my repertoire of forty seven Gospel and Inspirational songs that were written over a period of several years - 1997 through 2018 to be exact. All were created spontaneously - there's never any planning. I go about my daily life, and occasionally I would see, hear, read or perceive something that strikes me as a good concept for a song. My mind goes into overdrive and a song is born. I refrain from presuming anything on the Holy Ghost, but when I'm creating, words and ideas come to mind that seem foreign to my regular thought pattern. A cursory review of my work will reveal that no effort is spared in my song creating. I use the word creating rather than writing because lyrics and melodies are generated simultaneously. My hope is that many would be edified and encouraged by these songs, and that they be used as an evangelistic tool!
Hilford Hurst was born in St. Vincent on March 1st. 1958 to Hilton Hurst and Theresa Lewis. He wrote his first song at age twelve. He migrated to Trinidad in 1977, and thence to the United States in 1983. Hilford writes and sings Calypso, Soca, Raggae, and Gospel. He first recorded in 1986, published by Charlie's Record label. He performs at churches and cultural events. His music is available online at most digital music stores. His latest project is this book, published in collaboration with Xulon Press, consisting of his repertoire of Gospel and Inspirational songs.

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Released March 14, 2020
ISBN13 9781630507732
Publishers Xulon Press
Pages 96
Dimensions 216 × 279 × 5 mm   ·   244 g
Language English