Alchemy of the Heart - A Marina Aguilar - Bøger - Chiron Publications - 9781630514501 - November 7, 2017

Alchemy of the Heart

A Marina Aguilar

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Alchemy of the Heart

Dionysos, one of the most misunderstood of the gods, is a masculine energy that brings us back to life and vitality in a way that includes deep partnership with the feminine. Through the exploration of the love story of Ariadne and Dionysos, Alchemy of the Heart takes us on an archetypal adventure into an ancient world where the dance of masculine and feminine ignites fullness of being in both men and women. From the shadowy labyrinth of Minos to the sacred Initiation Chamber at Pompeii, Alchemy of the Heart travels the landscape of both the outer world and the inner psyche as it points the way past contemporary hedonism and pornography addiction into a Dionysian world of joy, vibrant sexuality, and spiritual transcendence.

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Released November 7, 2017
ISBN13 9781630514501
Publishers Chiron Publications
Pages 210
Dimensions 152 × 229 × 14 mm   ·   385 g
Language English