Authenticity as an Executive Coach - Janet S Steinwedel - Bøger - Chiron Publications - 9781630514648 - October 3, 2017

Authenticity as an Executive Coach

Janet S Steinwedel

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Authenticity as an Executive Coach

"It is all about conscious practice," asserts Dr. Steinwedel. In an effort to encourage more consciously engaged organizations, Janet Steinwedel, author of The Golden Key to Executive Coaching, brings us back to critical reflection on oneself - the Coach - and the work she or he does on her or his own inner life.

This connection of ego and the Self archetypes establishes conscious awareness in service to the Coach's well-lived life and in support of the meaningful lives of others.

It is in relationship with others that all of our "stuff" shows up. We bring our histories with us. Our childhood wounds, expectations and experiences, along with our cultural influences and biases, all tag along in every interaction in which we find ourselves. Without our conscious awareness, we confuse what really is with what we fear might be, or with what unknowingly haunts us. This work is a process--it is our life--and it will enable our growth and the growth of others in countless meaningful ways. This is the work of authenticity and individuation and we gain access to it through understanding archetypes.

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Released October 3, 2017
ISBN13 9781630514648
Publishers Chiron Publications
Pages 112
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